Dios de Mozart, El

Dios de Mozart, El - Fernando Ortega - Herder
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An original theological interpretation of Mozart's music that will allow the reader to give new meaning to the composer's musical creative thinking.

This book addresses, from a theological hermeneutic, the years of human and musical maturity of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The approach is developed in two parts. In the first, "traces of Transcendence" (Hans Küng) are sought in the musical language of Mozart, paying special attention to dramatic and religious creation. The main features of the "God of Mozart" are thus discerned, in which his Christian faith, the elements of his time and others of a biographical-personal order converge. All this leads to the second part, the "Mozart of God", where we reflect on the metamorphosis of the Mozartian soul as a result of its creative activity. It presents the dramatic and progressive deconstruction of an "imaginary God" that gives way to t...read more


Book: Dios de Mozart, El

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