Dios no nos debe nada

Un breve comentario sobre la religión de Pascal y el espíritu de

Dios no nos debe nada - Leszek  Kolakowski - Herder
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How to reconcile the existence of evil in the world with the boundless goodness of Almighty God, and the compatibility of his omnipotence with the responsibility of men towards their own salvation or condemnation? Leszek Kolakowski reflects on this debate millennium of Christianity, we treat it like an exercise in Christian theology of history revisionist. Recognized as a philosopher of profound religious sensibility, Kolakowski addresses this controversy by arguing that both the teachings of Augustine Jansen as they reflect the principles and spirit on which the Church was founded. Rejecting a means to reject the criticism continues otro.Kolakowski examine Pascal, whose moral philosophy is rooted in Jansenism and for whom the existence of God is beyond any intellectual game. These interpretations, unorthodox in the history of modern Christianity, provoke a new discussion about the hi...read more

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Book: Dios no nos debe nada

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