El Alma la Mente y el Psicoanalista

El Alma la Mente y el Psicoanalista - David Rosenfeld - Paradiso Editores
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Paradiso Editores
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Tapa Blanda

Gathered for the first time in a single volume translated into Spanish, this collection of essays by David Rosenfeld offers further insight into the thoughts and experiences of his fascinating, complicated and demanding work as a psychoanalyst. This book is based on several case studies whose common factor is the way in which the psychoanalytic setting is established: the internalization and understanding in the patient's mind, according to the sensation of fixed hours and the transference relationship with the psychoanalyst. Referring to the great masters of psychoanalysis, Rosenfeld guides us step by step through the mysteries of the mind, especially those regressive patients with psychotic aspects. This book is intended to be felt and thought. The reader is asked to read between the lines, to imagine and to go beyond the words that are in print. It will be of great contribution to ...read more

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Book: El Alma la Mente y el Psicoanalista

ISBN: 9786079553111