El amor de Magdalena

El amor de Magdalena -  Anónimo - Herder
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An extraordinary sermon, luminous, of a true spiritual actuality, that expresses a critical moment of the French mysticism of the XVIII century. With very warm and audacious words, this text presents the love of Mary Magdalene for Jesus and Jesus for her. Mary Magdalene embodies the succession of stages of human love, which is different from what Mary of Nazareth represents. The first embodies the archetype of the lover (in its double transgressive and sublime version), while the second extols the ideal of virginity and motherhood. Mary is the name of the Mother-Sister-Wife, because, in truth, it is a single being: the human nature hypostatized in a person. For this reason, the author of our text associates towards the end the figure of Mary Magdalene with the Church, which is the whole humanity summoned to the encounter with God, to union with Him. At the beginning of the 20th centur...read more

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Book: El amor de Magdalena

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