El amor que nos cura

El amor que nos cura - Boris Cyrulnik - Gedisa
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"In friendship, the Distance between the dream and reality Should be short, we can not proclaim one thing and do another. The PACTS must be respected, trust rewarded.

Friendship has to be loyal, sincere, limpid. The friend must want good friend not in words but in practice, Should join him in times of need. In friendship you can neither deceive nor do rnal, one must know what are the virtues of others and value them. The friend must be open, ylene life, fun, shouldnt bore or overwhelm, and it shouldnt be too generous, exaggerated with gifts, Because if so raises the need for correspondence and recognition, Which is very heavy. Friendship Should be fresh, light, even when it is heroic. Friendship always says, even before death, "that no".

"Friendship Existed at the time of Confucius and exists today, and there is no reason to think That will disappear in the future. Frien...read more


Book: El amor que nos cura

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