El arte de la mediación

Argumentación, negociación y mediación

El arte de la mediación - Josep Aguiló Regla - Trotta
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In the legal world it is experiencing a real boom of mediation. In general, it tends to think that is one of the main solutions to the "structural evils" affecting jurisdiction. In this sense, it begins to have a wide literature on the benefits of mediation. This book, however, aims to address the issue of quality in mediation, ie, it aims to clarify what good mediation. This inevitably means addressing issues of foundation and, consequently, the book carries a argumentative conception of mediation ago.
From there, the approach of the book is very clear: to better understand mediation, you have to understand well the negotiation; and to better understand the negotiation, we have to understand the argumentative aspects present in it. Reversing the order of the terms used in the formulation of the approach, the exhibition itinerary and structure of the book is naturally obtained: ...read more

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Book: El arte de la mediación

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