El Arte de ser feliz

Explicado en cincuenta reglas para la vida

El Arte de ser feliz - Arthur  Schopenhauer - Herder
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Surprising that 140 years of Schopenhauer's death there are still unpublished texts of his work and so valuable as that in a minute and almost detective work, the philosophy professor reconstituted Franco Volpi in a small manual of practical philosophy: Art to be happy. This is a hidden gem so far on the legacy of the philosopher, which invites us to educate our character through rules of conduct to help us avoid the hardship and blows of fate. From very young, Schopenhauer had a penchant for the literary genre of philosophical treatises small practice, and during the time he resided in Berlin liked to write short texts and notes for personal use; was born, for example, art to be right (eristic), published posthumously from his legacy. The fifty rules for life, including at various times were prepared and dispersed in different volumes and folders. Its incompleteness and the pessimism...read more


Book: El Arte de ser feliz

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