¿El arte sirve para algo? Tomo 8

Colección de ensayos para acompañar el aprendizaje de las artes y su reflexión teórica

¿El arte sirve para algo? Tomo 8 -  AA.VV. - Ediciones Manivela
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Ediciones Manivela
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He presents cases from the practice of artists to visualize how the process has been for the art to be multi / inter / transdisciplinary and in which way the works have questioned the specificity of the artistic disciplines.

Mariana A. Pérez Montes (coord.)

Adriana Valdés Lugo

David Hernández Gaytán

Fernanda Saavedra Ortíz

Judith Pedroza

Sol Henaro Palomino

Collection: Matters of art

Collection of essays to accompany the learning of the arts and their theoretical reflection

Ediciones Manivela presents Arte Affairs, a collection of eight volumes organized from questions, under which a set of essays and support materials is published.

Given the generality of the question, what is art? This collection presents questions that will involve different aspects of the artistic field. So what does a...read more


Book: ¿El arte sirve para algo? Tomo 8

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