El Bosco

El Bosco - Marcel Brion - Olañeta
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The brilliant analysis of the work of Bosco by Marcel Brion in this book constitutes an interesting contribution to the knowledge of the mysterious and enigmatic work of the great Flemish painter. Little is known with certainty about the life of Hieronymus Bosch, Bosco, one of the most original and enigmatic painters in the history of European art. Born in 1450 in the Flemish town of 's-Hertogenbosch (or' '' '' '' '' '' '), deeply in his vision of the world and, consequently, in his art. Marcel Brion, a leading French scholar of European art, faces the mystery of Bosco by analyzing with remarkable insight his most important works. The detailed examination of the characters and grotesque creatures that inundate their pictures and the scenarios in which they move, reveals the complex personality of the artist, his apocalyptic vision of the world and his pessimistic view of man.


Book: El Bosco

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