El cambio estratético

Cómo hacer que las personas cambien su forma de sentir y de actuar

El cambio estratético - Giorgio Nardone - Herder
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In this book, the prestigious psychologist and psychotherapist Giorgio Nardone proposes innovative therapeutic solutions based on "corrective emotional experience" to specifically treat the different forms of disorder in the subject.

When a person is caught in a psychological problem, it is necessary to introduce them into a new concrete emotional experience (that is, to create a "corrective emotion") in order to be able to get them out of their crossroads. The objective of this work is to analyze how emotional change can be carried out strategically and effectively in the personal and interpersonal life of each one of us.
Also, in addition to focusing on the clinical field, other areas in which corrective emotion is effectively applied, such as the economy and the world of productive organizations, international relations or politics, will also be examined. Fruit of the ...read more


Book: El cambio estratético

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