El chico que nunca existió

El chico que nunca existió -  Sjón - Nórdica
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Mánni Steinn is the protagonist of this story set in a closed and dark society, Icelandic 1918, stalked by the Spanish flu and where the idea of homosexuality provokes rejection.

Young rebel, in disagreement with the world that has to live; Spectator of lives and people in the city of Reykjavík, that opens to the magical and exciting world of the cinema arrived of Denmark. There is nothing like a dark and silent place to escape the threats of
the night.

Sjón manages to introduce us to a portentous story, which he wrote as a tribute to his uncle Bosi, who died of AIDS in 1993, in which Iceland is preparing to become an independent nation.



Book: El chico que nunca existió

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