El Concepto de naturaleza

El Concepto de naturaleza - Alfred Whitehead - Cactus
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Tapa Blanda

It is no accident that contemporary authors such as Deleuze, Butler, Stengers, Haraway or Latour propose a return to Whitehead. He is the philosopher of all the key concepts of the philosophies of the present: process and becoming, event, relationality. To return to Whitehead is to return to the point where philosophy could leave essentialism without taking the path of phenomenology and existentialism. That is why it is no accident that Bergson said in his time: "he is the best philosopher writing in English."
In these 1919 lectures Whitehead intends to found a philosophy for science that assumes the metaphysical consequences of the theory of relativity. Natural science has inherited the Greek idea of ​​"substance" in its notion of a "matter" separated from time and space. But in the entities that directly gives us perception (a fire, a blue sack or the Great Pyramid) time and s...read more




Book: El Concepto de naturaleza

ISBN: 9789873831379