El Concepto de tiempo

Tratado de 1924

El Concepto de tiempo - Martin Heidegger - Herder
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There is nothing new to say that the defining feature of Heidegger's thought is the question of the meaning of being. He himself confirmed this in many autobiographical statements. However, what still arouses the interest of the reader of Being and Time is to watch the horizon of that question is taking shape in the context of a rich set of philosophical overlap, one way or another, to walk the path that leads from life on the question of Being. In this sense, the present Treaty the concept of time (1924), which considerably expands the eponymous conference issued the same year to the Marburg Theological Society, provides an excellent approximation to the Heideggerian theme that will lead the reader through a thought-provoking analysis of different modes of being unfit to extreme possibility of death as a prelude which places man at the historical and temporal horizon of his own being.


Book: El Concepto de tiempo

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