El dolor físico

El dolor físico - Juan  David Nasio - Gedisa
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Throughout these pages devoted to physical pain, I would like to share with the reader something I learned, namely, that pain punctuates our lives as if maduráramos successive blows of pain. When severe pain appears, whether physical or mental, we can be sure that we are crossing the threshold of a litmus test. What proof? The proof of a loss, the brutal loss of our bodily integrity when it comes to physical pain, or the brutal loss of one we love when it comes to psychic pain. However, there are two other equally sharp losses that can cause excruciating pain. I mean the abandonment motivated by pain, when we suddenly withdraws loved his love, and motivated by the humiliation when someone hurts us deeply in our own love. Of all these pains, in this book analyze the physical pain


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Book: El dolor físico

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