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El gran Gatsby - F. Scott Fitzgerald - Herder
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The Great Gatsby is probably the most representative work of American literature. This manga version brings a new perspective, focusing on the story of frustrated love of the protagonist.

Nick has just moved into an upscale residential district where, unexpectedly, his mysterious neighbor Jay Gatsby organizes extravagant night parties at his mansion without any of your guests know exactly neither the identity nor the history of the host, which arouses the interest of Nick . One day, Nick is invited to know and understand the desires and ambition of Gatsby. The psychologically insightful vision and precise syntax with which Nick examines the creatures with which is is a pitiless radiography the internals of the new rich in the United States during the roaring twenties called. In this version manga, dramatic vicissitude that surrounds Jay Gatsby, with his frustrated love for Dais...read more


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Book: El gran Gatsby

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