El Instante eterno

El Instante eterno - Alfredo  Capellá - Herder
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From the "eternal moment" for the death of his mother, the author makes a prolonged investigation into the "something" unknown, call it a spiritual nature Eternity, who has questioned thought from the very origins of humanity. The first part deals with the existence of God, the historical figure named Jesucrito and Beyond, to then deal with the phenomena described by many people who were on the threshold of death and survived. The second part deals with the study of mind and early memories, the emergence of the first human eye (the self) emerged sometime in the evolutionary process, as well as the current issue of the origin of life and our universe. The essay concludes with the author's attempt to achieve describe that "something" timeless and we are part of our senses fail to capture those unique moments in "the eternal moment."


Book: El Instante eterno

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