El jugador

El jugador - Fiódor M. Dostoievski - Akal
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An edition illustrated by Fernando Vicente, whose visual metaphors enhance the beauty and freshness of the story
The year was 1866, and although Fyodor M. Dostoevsky was immersed in the writing of Crime and Punishment, he was forced to create one more novel: The Gambler. It is a story conceived in very complicated conditions, since it was not in vain that it was dictated in just over a week to his secretary, personal stenographer and later his second wife, Anna Grigórievna. By contract, the deadline for delivery of a work to his publisher was coming to an end in the autumn of 1866 and, far from being daunted, the great Fyodor dictated a vibrant, insolent and full of emotions story that he already had prodigiously orchestrated in his head. A harsh, direct and open language reveals a Dostoevsky in a state of grace, offering us a rushed story, a tormented author, a convulsive time....read more


Book: El jugador

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