El Lenguaje del cuerpo

Dínamica física de la estructura del carácter

El Lenguaje del cuerpo - Alexander Lowen - Herder
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Body language is a guide to physical and mental wellbeing. It is a masterpiece of psychology that has exposed the shortcomings of traditional psychoanalysis. He has served as a trigger to move that body language has become the hub and the choice of many psychological problems. Millions of people suffer from stress from the environment. In the struggle for survival, have lost sensitivity and sensuality. Their bodies have betrayed and betraying follow. Dr. Alexander Lowen brilliantly demonstrates that the body is the mirror of the key personality and emotional disorders. A pioneer in the field of bioenergetic analysis, which have reaped spectacular successes, the author explains this method of therapy and documented his work with very detailed histories of many custom characters. The result is the revelation of relationships, clear and surprising performance that exist between personali...read more



Book: El Lenguaje del cuerpo

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