El mundo entero como lugar extraño

El mundo entero como lugar extraño - Néstor García Canclini - Gedisa
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This book is in suggestively in the engine room or the intrigue of reflection. its goal is to understand how the thought occurs. We are facing a bright Charting for driving on contemporary phenomena. García Canclini holds the first person without becoming a problem; prefers to be the witness who confesses perplexities and limitations. In the absence of certainty, change the questions to interrogate reality. In this new intellectual adventure, takes a narrative tone without fictionalizing their field. No written records showing who returns to the usual topics, but who finds out. As dominating a field change of perspective and undertakes other learning. A refreshing, daring, ironic book that understands that put into question the ideas is the best way to renew.

Juan Villoro


Book: El mundo entero como lugar extraño

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