El mundo sobre el papel

El impacto de la escritura en la estructura del conocimiento

El mundo sobre el papel - David R. Olson - Gedisa
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Reading and writing are not purely mechanical processes because they manifest, throughout history, changes in mentality in which the progress of cognitive abilities involved  To understand the function of reading and writing have to go back to basics. At some point in the evolution of writing systems, writing began to keep and fix verb forms through space and time. But the magic of writing is not so much of their ability to memorize, but its epistemological function. Not only read texts, but we found them changing mindsets. In writing and reading is at stake than the alphabet, as it always is decoded and capture a "plus" in that world on paper.  Through analysis of the passage of primitive influenced by the writing of the changes of mentality produced in the two great cultural revolutions, that of classical Greece and the Renaissance and Protestantism and other significant historical ...read more



Book: El mundo sobre el papel

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