El mundo y sus remedios

El mundo y sus remedios - Clément Rosset - Cuenco de plata
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Cuenco de plata
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Tapa Blanda

Moralism and romanticism, I mean the romantic temptation, which comes, like morality, from a denial of anguish, they appear as the two greatest intellectual temptations, the two best options to plant an obstacle to tragic evidence and lucidity of spirit , the two best "remedies" found so far to protect themselves from the spectacle of reality. This book is limited to demystifying them. After recalling the tragedy inherent in all existence, he tries to explain the reasons for an unconditional refusal to be deceived, whatever the benefit associated with the illusion. As an expression of personal warning, it is only a stage within a more general intention: the return of tragedy to the silent world that is ours, to that "world of the Greeks, the tragic world, everyday concern and nights."



Book: El mundo y sus remedios

ISBN: 9789871772346