El Oficio del historiador

Teorías y tendencias de la historiografía alemana del siglo XIX

El Oficio del historiador - Heinz  Kohut - Herder México
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Herder México
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The nineteenth-century German historians continue to raise much interest. Yet relatively few translations. This gave the project on historiagráficas conceptions of some of the most distinguished historians of the nineteenth century. The time frame of this volume is from the eighteenth to the mid twentieth century, with the center in the nineteenth. There is no doubt that the seven selected historians are among the most important Germans of the time. The thematic approach is not the work of historians as such, but their theoretical conceptions in which we can distinguish two major trends, namely, idealism and positivism._x000D_

Leopold Ranke is a central author in this process profecionalización of historiography that characterizes the discipline of historiography in the early nineteenth century. Johann Gustav Droysen developed the first general theory histótica research in Germ...read more



Book: El Oficio del historiador

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