El Pequeño tirano

La línea media entre límites y permisividad

El Pequeño tirano - Jirina  Prekop - Herder México
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Herder México
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Increase the number of parents bewildered. Despite efforts to educate their children as best they can, they often become petty tyrants. The known child psychologist, Jirina Prekop, gives a first explanation for this phenomenon and indicates what the median line between permissiveness limit and children need to grow without disturbance. "The value that show parents to abandon the illusions and take responsibility, lies the hope for the little tyrant." Jirina Prekop autor is, born in 1929, is a psychologist in the Department of Development Disorders Olgahospital Stuttgart. It is especially known for its restraint therapy applied to autistic children.


Book: El Pequeño tirano

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