El Psicoanálisis dialéctico

Aportes para un psicoanálisis actual en el campo de la salud men

El Psicoanálisis dialéctico - Alfredo  Capellá - Herder
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Contributions to psychoanalysis today in the field of mental health This book discusses the current value of psychoanalysis in order to extract its most valuable and most effective in our time and in the twenty-first century is already in doors. Starting its journey through a dialectical study psychoanalytic model-on the fundamental concepts, the various roads and paths of their technique and ethically, Alfred Capelle develops a line of analysis applicable to the broad field of mental health: psychoanalysis dialectical proposed a conceptualization of renewal on the psyche, about the diagnosis (the diagnosis of the situation) and treatment (transdialéctico method).

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Book: El Psicoanálisis dialéctico

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