El Retorno de Abel

El Retorno de Abel - James  Alison - Herder
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In presenting the Catholic faith, why not drop or a discourse of power, arrogant and incapable of self-criticism, nor in spite of the rebellion of fashion? Imbued with the thought of Rene Girard on Violence and the mechanism of the scapegoat, James Alison aims to chart a new theological serenity: a troubled space in the middle of the ideological shouting, but at the same time a rigorous exploration of the huge change in attitude that occurred in the apostolic band after the experience of the resurrection of Jesus. In a world where what convinces is neither ecclesiastical authority nor the movements "" liberators "," the author proposes an orthodox Christianity, yet fresh, for the next millennium, bringing the reader to an understanding of faith and of desire that let you re-read and re-imagine their own stories with relief and hope. "One of the great virtues of this book is that Aliso...read more

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Book: El Retorno de Abel

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