El rostro de Heizo

Un policía samurái

El rostro de Heizo - Gō Ōsaka - Quaterni
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Heizo is the police chief of the robbery and fire department of the city of Edo. There is no criminal in the whole city who has seen his face and lives to tell, but the old robber Rozuko is looking for an opportunity to avenge the death of his brother and discover, finally, the face of the policeman most feared by all criminals of Edo.

Thus begin the adventures of one of the most popular detectives of Japanese culture, a character halfway between reality and fiction, with its ingenious plans and strategies, will face the most dangerous criminal minds in the country and whose fame and popularity remain in current Japan.

At the beginning of 1967, the most read fiction author of the moment, Shotaro Ikenami (1923-1993), created the popular series Onihei Hankacho (Onihei crime stories), starring Heizo Hasegawa (1745-1795), a real character He fought the crime in the city of E...read more


Book: El rostro de Heizo

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