El saber

Curso sobre Foucault. Tomo I

El saber - Gilles Deleuze - Cactus
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A year after the death of his friend Michel Foucault, fellow at the University of Vincennes, Deleuze faces this course on his work to be published in three volumes for the first time in Castilian.

In this first volume, Knowing, the first 8 classes ranging from October to December 1985 are presented The starting point is that despite appearances that have linked to school losAnnales, Foucault has always insisted that it is not a historian. So, what is presented as the first axis of Foucault's work, the problem and the concept of knowledge, will reveal all its thickness and its wealth. First, archeology appears not only as a method of analysis of the visible and the expressible in each historical formation, but also as a philosophical inquiry into the being of language and light, as opposed to structuralism, phenomenology, and linguistics. Second, as a complex and original concep...read more



Book: El saber

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