El Salto al pozo

Una escuela de oracion

El Salto al pozo - Hubertus  Halbfas - Herder
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If the last condition that makes possible the emergence and history of mankind lies in the self-giving love of God himself (K. Rahner), then "human experience" and "experience of God 'have a unique entanglement that genuine Pedagogy Religion must try and explain. Put another way, with words of Hubertus Halbfas: the role of adequate Teaching Religion will be to empower people to make "an experience with his own experience." For this reason, it is in the leap into the well is not to raise the question about God or debate its existence. From what is actually involved is a process that, with the consequent seriousness and proper patience, definitely leads to self. "You should not claim to be already at the end of the road. The deeper truth is that from which we come and shining in the childhood of every man is at once find the truth to which we are walking a lifetime. When you get to find...read more

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Book: El Salto al pozo

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