El universo de las imágenes técnicas

El universo de las imágenes técnicas - Vilém Flusser - Caja Negra Editora
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In the eighties, the Czech-Brazilian philosopher Vilém Flusser began to surround with his writing the nucleus of a change of era that was not yet noticed in daily life with the force with which it would be perceived several decades later. One of the symptoms of this change was the progressive expansion of a new type of visual phenomenon: the technical image. Photographs, films, television images, video images and computer terminals increasingly assumed the role of carriers of information previously played by linear texts, radically transforming the way in which we experience and value the world. To the extent that we experience the world not only through linear texts but increasingly through images codified by apparatuses, we enter a posthistoric situation, successor of writing.

Published in 1985 as a complement to Toward a philosophy of photography, The universe of technical i...read more



Book: El universo de las imágenes técnicas

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