El Vivir creativo

Teoría y práctica de la creatividad

El Vivir creativo - Erika  Landau - Herder
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Erika Landau creativity means an existential stance that allows to find new insights into the known and familiar, confronted with unfamiliar situations or changed, which brings the whole education process, every crisis of life and growing older Also do. Parents and teachers will find in this book knowledge and drive to stay awake and encourage the process the creative process, for example, dialogue between fact and imagination, between the real and possible, in the experiences of their children and students, particularly in themselves. Psychologists and physicians can follow step by step the creative process with the aim of therapeutic release and encourage creativity in the patient's psychic growth. Currently the book is in its demand for creative living activated by a potential versatile and flexible and playfully enjoying the process of searching and trying new situations: the proc...read more


Book: El Vivir creativo

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