El yo y su angustia

El yo y su angustia - Benno Rosenberg - Amorrortu
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A detailed examination of the Freudian work is the path chosen by the author to unfold and ground his renewing hypotheses about anguish. In the first part, Rosenberg postulates the metapsychological need to complete the Freudian doctrinal elaboration on anguish with a "third theoretical stage" where "the anguish is produced effectively by the ego in the face of a danger, but where, both the danger and the production of anguish on the part of the ego, they have instinctual sources. " The author gives a new and original relevance to the death drive, corroborating the conception of anguish as a means privileged by the self to safeguard its unity and organization. The second part contains an important analysis of the concept of the split of the self in the Freudian work, examined in its different functionality depending on whether it is neurosis, psychosis or perversion. Projection is the...read more




Book: El yo y su angustia

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