En busca del tiempo perdido

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En busca del tiempo perdido - Marcel Proust - Herder
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The reader who does not have time to read this masterpiece of literature in its original edition - in seven volumes and thousands of pages - can now access the inner universe of Proust through this fabulous manga version.

Written between 1908 and 1922, the novel À la recherche du temps perdu (The search for lost time) is one of the peaks of 20th century literature and has been enormously influential both in the field of literature and philosophy And the theory of art.

Entering the labyrinth of Marcel Proust's memory is to start a wonderful journey culminating in the taste of a cupcake. The memories of an anonymous narrator, with strong reminiscences of the author, are linked to form a network of emotions that manages to stop the destructive effect of time and recover the happiness of the past through memory. In the end, as the author himself asserted, true paradises are ...read more


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Book: En busca del tiempo perdido

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