En el Maelström

Música, improvisación y el sueño de libertad antes de 1970

En el Maelström - David Toop - Caja Negra Editora
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Caja Negra Editora
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"With a critical skill based on more than forty years of activity as improvisator, TOOP puts its reflection at the service of a genre that constantly challenges the definitions." Thurston Moore.

"Life, like improvised music, is a disturbing conflict between predictability and contingency." David Toop.

What can you have in common the casual meeting between Claude Lévi-Strauss and André Breton on a boat heading to Martinique with a jam that is organized spontaneously in a nightclub after the closing time? In what way can the Art Brut of Dubuffet, the esoteric practices of Gurdjieff, the calligraphies of Henri Michaux, the Taoist principles of the I CHING or the transcripts in a state of hypnotic trance of Robert Uncheck contribute to a theory of improvisation? Like the music that deals with, this book is not developed through a single argumentative line: its form unexpecte...read more


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Book: En el Maelström

ISBN: 9789871622702