En pie

Las claves ocultas de la ingeniería

En pie - Roma Agrawal - Grano de sal
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Grano de sal
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Soft cover

Look around you: no matter where you are, surely an engineer participated in the construction of that space. Like the air we breathe, engineering is everywhere and we need it to live. Roma Agrawal presents in this book a novel access route to one of the main human activities, in which science and technology come together to allow us to inhabit a house, cross a bridge, obtain fresh water or say goodbye to our organic waste. Convinced that engineering is exciting and fun, and that it is a powerful tool for solving today's and tomorrow's problems, the author delves into the history of shapes, materials and construction techniques that have shaped the contemporary world and gets the reader to pay attention to how a simple brick, arch, building or entire city works. Anecdotes from her professional life, examples taken from all over the world —from the Metropolitan Cathedral in Mexico City ...read more


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Book: En pie

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