Enfoques en terapia familiar sistémica 

Enfoques en terapia familiar sistémica  - Inmaculada  Ochoa de Alda - Herder
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The family is increasingly central to the treatment of many psychopathologies. Hence it is so often speak of "family therapy". Among the various therapies of this kind stands the so-called "systemic", which postulates that neither people nor their problems exist in a vacuum, but both are intimately linked to broader reciprocal systems, of which the principal is the family. This book aims to provide an analysis of some of the most important approaches within the broad movement of systemic family therapy. At no time trying to make a comparative study, much less, championing an eclectic perspective. What she wishes is to help therapists be able to adapt with versatility to various clinical situations that they raise. Each chapter includes a transcript of a case in which they interspersed comments that illustrate the main points in the text. Thus the theoretical aspects of each approach a...read more


Book: Enfoques en terapia familiar sistémica 

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