Entre la historia y el mito

El tiempo en Wagner

Entre la historia y el mito - Enrique Gavilán Domínguez - Akal
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In few artists, time has the importance that reaches in Wagner. Not only is it decisive in the composer or the theorist of interpretation, but also in the dramatist, who takes advantage of music to destabilize the drama, provoking the continuous presence of the past and the anticipation of the future. With the exception of Meistersinger ?? and not quite ??, both in the romantic opera and in the musical drama, time is, as Hamlet said, "deconstructed ??. Sometimes, he retreats and the past returns, as for Amfortas (first, as torment, later, as a priest). At other times the action follows patterns incompatible with the time of the clock, as in the third act of Tannhäuser. His pulse changes abruptly, disturbed by the theft of Alberich, or torn apart, like the rope of destiny in Brünnhilde's rock. Between history and myth, he analyzes the way in which Wagner constructs time from different ...read more


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Book: Entre la historia y el mito

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