Envejecimiento y atención social 

Envejecimiento y atención social  - Jordi  Vizcaíno Martí - Herder
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In the very near future, concern about the increased attention_x000D_
social and health care needed by older people 'fragile' or 'dependent' is the subject of intense public debate similar to what has already occurred or is occurring today in the oldest populations in the European Union. However, the global information needed to analyze this issue is sparse and heterogeneous and it is clear the need to develop tools to assist interrelated._x000D_
Aging and social care tries to give an adequate response to this need: the first section defines the reference environment minimally, the second systematizing the most relevant information for analysis and planning of social care services for older people and the third summarizes and collected as summary tables highlights of the analysis._x000D_
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Book: Envejecimiento y atención social 

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