Erótica de la transgresión

Georges Bataille - Jacques Lacan

Erótica de la transgresión - Rose-Marie Mariaca Fellmann - Herder México
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Herder México
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The book Rose-Marie Mariaca Fellmann, psychoanalyst, leads to a living point of contemporary analysis: freedom and heterogeneity.

Untagged and arranged on shelves abnormal, heterogeneous elements of society although they seem to be recognized in their existence, are it as unassimilable elements that resist all income in the harmonious unity of society monitored by scientific rationality. Mariaca joins in its analysis worked with Badiou, Foucault, Bataille and Lacan.

In the heterogeneous Bataille discovers an eroticism that no longer would appoint a common heterosexuality by putting sex under the sign of a complementary pair in marriage. Far from this chimera of unity, according to Bataille eroticism is the place of a "desperate violence" in connection with a desire that transgresses the prohibition loop, introducing above morality, an erotic.

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Book: Erótica de la transgresión

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