Escritos 'inspirados': Esquizografía

Escritos 'inspirados': Esquizografía -  AA.VV. - Me cayó el veinte
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Me cayó el veinte

Writings ' inspired ' : Esquizografía , is a text of Jacques Lacan , signed , however along with J. Valenti and Pierre Lévy - Migault- originally published in 1931 in Annales Medico- Psychologiques , and republished in the 1975 edition of the who she had been his thesis psychiatry : from dans ses rapports paranoïaque psychose avec la Personality . In this edition, Lacan added as appendices three "old" texts: The problem of style and psychiatric conception of the paranoid forms of experience , Reasons paranoid crime : the crime of the Papin sisters, and Writings ' inspired ' : Esquizografía . The latter was omitted in the Spanish edition of the thesis, in 1976 .

The inspired writings are at the limit of what the authors call " true poetic art." Cleats + of me fell twenty publishes the text version of Enrique Flores.



Book: Escritos 'inspirados': Esquizografía

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