Escritos para El Anti-Edipo

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Escritos para El Anti-Edipo - Félix Guattari - Cactus
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If the sixties are synonymous with revolt in the political and existential field, if everything altered it and then nothing could be lived the same, if at that time we have the embryo of our world, the same could be said of that book-revolt that was The Anti -Edipo: nothing can be thought of the same after him.
The philosophy is for Guattari-Deleuze the activity of creation of concepts, constructive act - almost wild - with scores, comings and goings, adjustments, modulations, a true factory where the notions that “say”, in this case, that world are forged in a phase of radical alteration that was that post-68 world.
The Writings for Anti-Oedipus are made up of the unpublished manuscripts-letters-papers that Felix Guattari systematically directed to Gilles Deleuze for more than three years, before, during and just after the book was released. Stéphane Nadaud, shrewd more




Book: Escritos para El Anti-Edipo

ISBN: 9789873831409