Estaciones del laberinto 

Ensayos de antropología

Estaciones del laberinto  - Lluís  Duch - Herder
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From different themes but deeply interconnected, seven essays comprising this book have in common a basic interest, "the situation of man in the world" at the dawn of the XXI century. In none of these we refer directly to the critical situation probably pre-war to the present hour. However, allusions, indirect references and historical evocations allow a reconstruction of the stages of the path it has followed and still follow our culture to achieve this state of affairs. We have titled this collection of essays in anthropology "stations of the maze." This title does not intend to describe only one entry and certain forms of loss in the maze, but above all, we want to point out what may be, as our way of seeing things out of him. The reflection on everyday life formed and concreted using terms like Word, religion, education, history, symbolism, silence, bad health, etc.. is the more

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Book: Estaciones del laberinto 

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