Ética, hermenéutica y política

Filosofía en el fondo

Ética, hermenéutica y política -  AA.VV. - ITESO
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A book with history. This is the one you have in your hands. Its origin dates back to 2005, from the inter-institutional project Philosophy in the Fund, through which the dissemination of philosophical thought was sought by the institutions dedicated to its teaching and research. Conceived with the idea that this work would be an enriching experience for reading, the 13 essays that make it up were made from the themes developed in the different cycles of Philosophy in the Background, which addressed those human problems that resist the passage of time. time and remain part of contemporary social and philosophical debates. Ethics in the face of the problem of evil, lies and power; human nature and the differences of the sexes; the other in the framework of intercultural dialogue and exile; modernity, art and globalization are some of the themes around which the reflections of the autho...read more


Book: Ética, hermenéutica y política

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