Experiencias como coach sistémico

Experiencias como coach sistémico - Anton de Kroon - Herder México
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Herder México
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"The problems are solutions" is one of the favorite slogans Anton. When utters this phrase during his coaching sessions, people were amazed, and usually answers: "I've never seen that."
Experiences such as systemic coach serves as inspiration to coach both want to incorporate all systemic concepts in their work, and those who receive coaching and are interested in knowing what this method. The short book that holds the reader is also useful for all professional looking for examples of how to integrate your own work systemic ideas.
Twenty-five examples, the expert constellations, coaching and systemic consulting, Anton de Kroon, it shows with great warmth and professional commitment how conversations derived from systemic coaching workshops are developed. During and after them, share their ideas and thoughts, and invites the reader to join him in the learning process by cro...read more


Book: Experiencias como coach sistémico

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