Explicando el Tractatus

Una introducción a la primera filosofía de Wittgenstein

Explicando el Tractatus - Alejandro Tomasini Bassols - Herder México
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Herder México
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Because of the novelty of its content, the repercussions of its impact and its significance for posterity, the Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus is generally recognized as one of the most decisive philosophical works, but also as one of the most difficult to understand.

In the present text, Alejandro Tomasini Bassols faces the challenge of elucidating the content of Ludwig Wittgenstein's first book and offers us a coherent and convenient reconstruction of his most revealing positions. Thanks to it, it is now possible for the reader in Spanish to enter the text of Ludwig Wittgenstein without getting lost in the intricate sequence of thoughts that make it up.

The author of this introduction offers us in an orderly fashion what could be called the "logical interpretation" of the Tractatus, that is, the logical conception of reality, language, numbers, mysticism, etc., as well ...read more



Book: Explicando el Tractatus

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