Ensayos sobre lo humano y lo no humano

Extraños - Rebecca Tamás - Anagrama
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Seven essays of great lucidity on the relationship between human beings and nature and its political, philosophical and spiritual dimensions.

This book addresses topics such as the relationship between humans and nature; the possession of land; climate change and capitalism; ecology in relation to politics, philosophy and spirituality; the use of the female body and the animal body...

All this based on the collectivizing ideas of Gerrard Winstanley in 17th century England, The Passion According to G. H. by Clarice Lispector and the protagonist's encounter with a cockroach, the fusion of the corporeal and natural elements proposed by Ana Mendieta, the end of the world according to Melancholy by Lars von Trier or panpsychism, which tells us about the consciousness of trees and stones. Seven pieces overflowing with intelligence and sensitivity.

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Book: Extraños

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