Figuras del Otro

Figuras del Otro - Patricia Garrido Elizalde - Paradiso Editores
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Paradiso Editores
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This book brings together two types of texts. On the one hand, there are essays of different precedents due to their nature and function. The ideas expressed emerge from a transmission space created from a text reading workshop and seminars by Jacques Lacan, which have been punctuated by the intrinsic logic of the work and research that has been sustained after a long passage. We find texts regarding subjectivity, the second death and notes on erotica. On the other hand, regrouping essays appear, produced by the work in Lacanian topology. Thus, we find as a common thread a critical reading regarding the issues in question, finite singularities between which - along, on the edge, on the limits, between "outside" - the possibility of meaning and the figures of the Other circulate indefinitely.

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Book: Figuras del Otro

ISBN: 9786079608002