Filosofía accidental

Ensayos sobre el hombre y el Absoluto

Filosofía accidental - José María Ridao - Galaxia Gutenberg
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"In an era in which thinkers who distribute feed to readers are abundant and the Pangloss on duty dazzle the public with phrases such as" the weak vital density of the Visigoths "explains our current DNA, a book like that of José María Ridao It is a welcome gift and a timely reason for reflection. His considerations about man and the Absolute, to the invention of the Absolute by man, cover the different aspects of this abstraction from the concept and proclamation of the universally valid and from the exercise of the condescending superiority that it procures to the fact of basing the Origin of Creation in a story that replaces the rational language by a narrative language that must be believed at face value under pain of becoming reprobate in the eyes of those who set themselves up as their spokesperson. The review of such disparate figures as Socrates, Saint Augustine, Dante, more


Book: Filosofía accidental

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