Filosofía del derecho

Curso Fundamental de Filosofía

Filosofía del derecho - Norbert Brieskorn - Herder
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Why should that be right? How do you define it? Po ¿what must be permanently attached to the power of men in their forms of law, covenant and trial? What power has the right to exercise over men?_x000D_
These are the questions that aims to answer the Philosophy of Right. The configuration of the life that has given to man requires a system that creates spaces of freedom in a stable, exonerating and orientation. This system is indispensable work of men for its own sake must submit to the law. And as freedom needs the right and the law requires freedom. Hence the special treatment they deserve the políticfa and economics fields where the law is necessary. It has also been studied the question of the ethical handling of law.


Book: Filosofía del derecho

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