Filosofía en la cocina

Pequeña crítica de la razon culinaria

Filosofía en la cocina - Francesca Rigotti - Taugenit
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Rústica con solapas

Philosophizing and cooking, both ancient activities, have often remained alien to each other. Knowing and eating are made of the same pasta and are children of the same mother, as let us see numerous metaphors: devouring a book, digesting a concept, chewing some Latin, being thirsty to know. These pages, ingenious and entertaining, introduce us to a laboratory of culinary philosophy or, better yet, in a philosophical kitchen where both worlds meet. This appetizing essay offers accurate comparisons between the good rhetorical structuring of a philosophical exhibition and the professional preparation of an exquisite dish. In all this elegant and instructive journey, very finely deep reflections and humorous features are combined, where the protagonist is the coincidence between speech, thought and food.


Book: Filosofía en la cocina

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