El Símbolo Renovado

A propósito de la obra de Louis Cattiaux

El Símbolo Renovado - Raimon Arola - Herder
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Today the symbol is very often identified with certain esoteric of little intellectual depth , with a kind of magic unfounded unrelated to religion or the humanities. The present work proposes the opposite , namely an esoteric understanding that could be the link that allows global and interreligious dialogue. It is a proposal that is not new, it has already shining examples throughout history , especially during the Renaissance, when the hermetic philosophy sought to gather around Christianity ancient pagan traditions.

In developing this proposal , the author takes a particularly unique character : Louis Cattiaux , a multifaceted artist who , like other similar , the story insists on marginalizing . This philosopher , chemist and alchemist , who made art a philosophy and wisdom experiences , anticipated horizons and announced that now , seventy years later, is seeing the light...read more

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Book: El Símbolo Renovado

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